Septarian Stone
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Introducing Septarian Stone, a unique and naturally beautiful stone with its own distinct patterns and characteristics. Also, commonly referred to as Dragon Stone, earns its name from its striking resemblance to the mythical eggs of dragons.
This unique stone is composed of a combination of yellow Calcite, brown Aragonite, gray Limestone, and occasionally, clear Barite. Its formation traces back to 50-70 million years ago, originating from mud balls created in volcanic eruptions. These mud balls encapsulated decaying minerals and marine life remains, leading to the distinctive patterns and textures seen in Septarian today.

Septarian is known for its relaxing and balancing qualities, and its energy is said to be effective in promoting emotional equilibrium. Keeping Septarian close to the body may help to open the heart chakra and stimulate positive energy flow. This stone is also believed to promote feelings of peace, clarity and rejuvenation, and provide spiritual protection by repelling negative vibrations.

Bring the beauty and energy of Septarian Dragon Egg into your home or carry it with you for a sense of comfort and to elevate your mood. With its unique properties and stunning appearance, Septarien makes a beautiful addition to any collection.

CHF 11.00 11.0 CHF CHF 11.00 VAT Excluded

CHF 11.00 VAT Excluded

  • Weight
  • Country of Origin
  • Chakra
  • Length
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This combination does not exist.

Weight: ±66g to 123g
Country of Origin: Madagascar
Chakra: Solar Plexus Chakra
Length: ±6 cm
Width: ±4.5 cm
Height: ±3 cm

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