le noohra profile picAbout Le Noohra

Embodying the essence of an ancient spirit, Le Noohra serves as a beacon of light, energy healer, energetic medium, psychic and spiritual coach.  

With a deep commitment to helping the Earth, humanity, and all creatures, he uses his profound gifts as a claircognizant, intuitive empath, and healer. 

His mission extends beyond providing exceptional crystals and stones; he offers transformative energy healing, chakra activation and insightful tarot readings, aiming to unlock the secrets of the mystical universe for those he serves.

Le Noohra's Purpose & Mission

Dedicated to illuminating the world with love and healing, Le Noohra channels the universal life force - known as prana, mana, chi or qi - for the greater good.

His connection to the source not only empowers the crystals and stones he uses but also enhances his services in energy healing, chakra activation, and tarot readings, providing a holistic approach to wellness. 

Moving from being a scientist and innovator to embracing the unseen magical realms, Le Noohra brings a unique blend of analytical and intuitive skills to his work.

Why buy from Le Noohra?crystal with sun shining through

Le Noohra's crystals, healing stones and services are distinguished by their authenticity and potency.  

Each product and service has been personally developed or selected and tested by Le Noohra to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.  

Our crystals undergo a unique purification process and are charged with life force directly from source to become powerful conduits of energy that greatly enhance meditation and healing practices.

For those seeking guidance, our personalised tarot readings and energy healing sessions offer deep insights and transformative experiences.

We also offer tailored recommendations to find the perfect crystals, stones and services to meet your unique energetic needs, all at no additional cost.

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Committed to Ethical Sourcing and Environmental Stewardship

As we sow, so shall we reap.

Le Noohra is committed to ethical practices, sourcing only the finest crystals and stones from trusted suppliers. We ensure that every product you receive is of the highest quality, both physically and energetically. 

Our commitment extends to our planet, with an emphasis on ecology and sustainability. 

We use only reusable and environmentally friendly packaging and recognise our responsibility to respect and preserve Mother Nature.

Transparency and Trust

Le Noohra's journey from scientist to energy healer underlines the authenticity of our brand. 

This transformation highlights a commitment to exploring beyond the visible, ensuring that our practices and products are rooted in genuine spiritual insight. 

We share this journey to deepen your trust in our mission and our products.

Join Us

Experience the transformative power of Le Noohra's services - whether you're seeking energy healing to address physical or emotional imbalances, chakra activation to unlock your spiritual potential, or tarot readings for guidance on your life's journey. 

Our personal consultations are designed to connect you with the services that best suit your path to healing and self-discovery.

Our Promise

At Le Noohra, we promise a holistic experience that combines the tangible with the intangible. 

Our products are infused with powerful energy and our services are tailored to facilitate healing, enlightenment and personal growth.

We invite you to explore the unique blend of spiritual insight and healing that Le Noohra offers, and to join us in our mission to bring more light, love and healing to the world.