le noohra profile picAbout Le Noohra

Le Noohra embodies the essence of an ancient spirit, a beacon of light and a psychic visionary. He has dedicated his life to serving the earth, humanity, and all creatures.

Le Noohra's Purpose & Mission

With his gifts as a claircognizant, intuitive empath and healer, Le Noohra's purpose is to cast a radiant aura of healing energy and to unlock the secrets of the mystical universe through energy healing, crystal work, tarot readings, and other esoteric arts.

Through his deep connection to the source of all life, Le Noohra has become an instrument of the universe, channeling the life force, prana, mana, chi, or qi, to serve the greater good. With his divine gift, he can work on the 5D-body or energy body to help those suffering from illness, both human and animal. His unique ability to connect directly to the source also imbues the crystals and stones he uses with powerful energy.

Le Noohra's Mission is to illuminate the world with love and healing. Through his exceptional gifts, Le Noohra aims to spread awareness, love, compassion, peace, and healing throughout the world. His mission is to bring more light into the lives of those he touches, guiding them towards greater well-being and fulfillment.

Before his spiritual awakening, Le Noohra was a scientist, innovator, and left-brain thinker, but now he embraces the intuitive and feminine aspects of his being as he continues to explore the magical, limitless realm of the unseen. 

Why buy from Le Noohra?crystal with sun shining through

  • Le Noohra's crystals and healing stones are powerful tools of healing and meditation, imbued with exceptional energy from the source. 
  • These stones have undergone a purifying process, resulting in crystals and stones that are five times stronger than those conventionally charged. 
  • When used in meditation, they serve to deepen the connection to the divine and enhance the flow of life energy. 
  • You will undoubtedly feel the difference in the exceptional potency of these instruments of healing and meditation.
  • If you are unsure which stone is the right fit for you, we will find the perfect crystals and energy healing products to suit your needs, for FREE. Contact us.

Committed to Ethical Sourcing

Le Noohra takes great care in sourcing only the finest crystals and stones from trusted providers, ensuring that you receive the best possible products both in terms of quality and energy.

Caring for Our Planet

As we sow, so shall we reap.

With this belief in mind, Le Noohra places a strong emphasis on ecology and sustainability in all our practices. This includes offering only reusable and environmentally friendly packaging, as we recognize our responsibility to respect, protect, honor and preserve Mother Nature.