Crystal Cleansing & Charging

Do you already own crystals or healing stones and would like to get the most out of them?

Look no further, and learn how Le Noohra can make your crystals and healing stones 4x stronger and more powerful by cleansing & charging them!

With my unique ability to connect directly to the source and channel life force, I'm able to imbue crystals and stones with powerful energy, making them 4x stronger and more powerful than when charged conventionally.

Monthly Cleansing & Charging Subscription

I offer a monthly subscription where I remotely cleanse and charge your crystals and healing stones (or any stone or crystal product like bracelets, necklace, ear rings, rings, singing bowls, etc) for only 1 CHF per stone per month.  

If you want to get the most out of your crystals and healing stones, you will be amazed by this powerful offer:

  1. Monthly cleansing and charging of your crystals.
  2. Your crystals and healing stones are 4x stronger and more powerful!
  3. You will have more effective crystal healing.
  4. You will make faster progress when meditating with crystals or healing stones.
  5. Never miss a charging cycle again!
  6. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

* You will be redirected to, our payment provider.

Free trial for 1 crystal or stone

Not convinced yet? Try out the free crystal charging offer first and feel the difference for yourself. 

Let me show you the power of Le Noohra with this limited free trial - it is completely free.

Yes, I Want My FREE Trial

If you already can feel crystals and healing stones then you will definitely feel the difference.