Morganite Crystal
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Morganite has long been treasured for its ability to foster unconditional love, self-love, trust, tolerance, and compassion for yourself as well as for others.
It encourages you to see the beauty in all living creatures around you - from plants and animals to people in your daily life - enhancing your inner awareness and sensitivity for greater mental clarity.
Enjoy its soothing energy that stimulate growth in areas where change is needed in order to move forward on spiritual paths. Relax into its powers as it releases tension from chakras enabling positive energy currents to flow throughout the whole body promoting restful sleep, creativity, passion and confidence!

CHF 16.00 16.0 CHF CHF 16.00 VAT Excluded

CHF 16.00 VAT Excluded

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Weight: ±2.4 carat
Country of Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Heart Chakra

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