Blue Apatite Crystal
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Apatite has a unique chemistry that enables it to tap into the human body’s energy field and provide powerful healing properties. This remarkable stone can help you become more conscious of yourself as well as learn how to manifest your innermost wishes and needs. It has been linked to stimulating the seven chakras and cultivation of intuition, creative inspiration, acceptance, and living for the present moment. Additionally, working with Apatite on a physical level it is said to help relieve anxiety, insomnia, allergies, stress, tension headaches, and heart problems.

Allow Apatite to open up your life to newfound options with its healing gifts. Its beauty is undeniable so let this stunning crystal captivate you while its ancient power helps you reach within yourself and spiritual heights unimaginable!

CHF 16.00 16.0 CHF CHF 16.00 VAT Excluded

CHF 16.00 VAT Excluded

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Weight: ±3.4 carat
Country of Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Throat Chakra

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