Tap Into The Unseen Realms 2023 Global Online Event​

October 30th - November 3rd 2023

Le Noohra presents the Tap Into The Unseen Realms 2023 Global Online Event.


Step Into The Unseen Realms Of Infinite Possibilities And Unlock Your True Potential!

Register for FREE and attend the 2023 Tap Into the Unseen Realms Global Online Event, featuring 21 prominent luminaries from quantum physics, science, spirituality, energy, sound, vibration, and more. 

Delve into the intersections of quantum physics, sacred geometry, biogeometry, spirituality, science, energy, sound and vibration.

The mission is to increase understanding, raise consciousness, attract new supporters to the path of light and love, and encourage established lightworkers in their endeavors, as we strive to co-create a brighter future for our world and Mother Earth.

Register for FREE

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